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Our workshops provide a unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about the distillation process for rose hydrosol and essential oils and citrus essential oils

Essential oil workshops 

Lemon Myrtle / Lemon / Lime / Bitter Orange / Grapefruit /  Cypress / Lemon scented Eucalyptus / Blue gum Eucalyptus

We have variety of essential oils workshops to offer in all around seasons.
Start from harvest the your choice of plants to be distilled you'll have the opportunity to prepare and put it into the still for distillation.
While the distillation is processing we'll take you on a conducted tour of our farm and treated to a home cooked meal on our veranda.
When the distillation is completed the essential oils and hydrosols will be collected and packaged.
You will be able to take home some of what you have helped produce as well as an understanding of the production of essential oils and hydrosols by steam distillation.

Workshop dates and availability

These workshops are available all year round.

$280 per person 
Workshops run for one day, from 9am to 2pm we can arrange time if you like.
Maximum of six people per workshop.


Damask Rose distillation workshops

(October/November : 

At this unique workshop learn how to extract rosewater and rose oil from Damask roses at Samaria Rose Farm.

Rosewater has been used over the centuries for personal use as a skin refresher and perfume. Rosewater is a natural skin hydrator and restorer.

At this workshop, experience every stage in the process, from picking buds at daybreak, through to distillation and bottling.

Delicious meals provided, and accommodation packages are also available in our two bedroom cabin on the property with views over the valley and our plantations.

Take home two bottles of rosewater spray, included in the cost of the workshop!


Workshop schedule 

6:00 am: (Day break):  Pick Damask Rose buds in the rose plantation.*

8am:  Load the still and start up distillation process

9am:  Breakfast in our balcony area

10am:  Conducted farm tour


12.30pm:  Light lunch

1.30pm: Finish distillation, sort and pack rosewater and take home 2 x 100ml rosewater spritzers.

2.30pm:  Finish

* accommodation enquiries for the previous night. We have accommodation available at the farm, or if that's taken we can recommend alternatives.


Workshop dates and availability

Workshops run from late October to late November, depending on the season.

$390 per person ( Group & accomodation package available ) 

Accommodation package

Need a place to stay? Contact Utako or Anthony on 0357682225 or 0421852046 or welcome@samariarosefarm to find out whether accommodation is available on your selected workshop dates.