Only 100 Bottles in the world !

2024 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2024 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Seasonal Sensory Experiences

Seasonal Sensory Experiences

Seasonal Sensory Experiences

Essential Oil Workshop
Seasonal Sensory Experiences

Important Announcement

We have made the tough decision of increasing our prices for some products and made our refill option changes. 

The change will be effective new financial year from 1st/ July/ 2024. 

About us

Hello, we're Utako and Anthony. With our children Sono and Jin, we moved to Samaria Rose Farm in 2022. We are so happy to have moved to this beautiful part of the world and Samaria Rose Farm is like a dream come true for us.

Our aim at Samaria Rose Farm is to create a beautiful life for our family and memorable experiences for our visitors and customers.Thanks to Vicki and Alan for their support as we transitioned to our new home. We hope to continue the marvellous work they did to create a beautiful visitor experience, with accommodation, workshops and farm-focused events.

Our farm and farmshop is open by appointment, please contact us and we are very happy to show you around.


The rose water I ordered smells absolutely divine as does the soap. Customer service was amazing and Utako was very kindly posted promptly as I requested. I highly recommend.
Thank you


I have so loved using my Rosewater especially as the air where I live is so dry. It has an instant soothing and smoothing feeling on my skin. I always use it before my foundation!
And sometimes a spritz before going out!
And by the way the bottle design is such good quality that the spray is the perfect amount of mist every time!