2024 Autumn Treasure

2024 Autumn Treasure

Only 2 weeks but big and heart warming memory of 2 weeks in my life.

I was thinking why it was so special…

It was people around us to share nature abundance that we can share from our farm, made people smile and laugh. Share table yummy lunch after hard work day after day and day for two weeks.

Thank you again for bringing energy and your kind hands to made through 400 olive tree to harvest all manually by our hands.

Only 100bottle for sale
$30 for 500ml bottle

Big news to save postage ! !

We made 300ml pouch that we can send by cheaper postage. You need pour to your glass bottle once you receive but this will be economical for customers option and may future refill option for bottle!

Pre order starts this Friday 24th May

Please check our instagram or facebook for video clip.

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