Breathwork meditation

Late February - 2023 at Samaria Rose Farm

So January was over and after many wonderful visitors and had most relaxing enjoy North east Victoria this summer holiday compared to last year we just landed this farm with caos (haha)

Now the farm life was returning to normal.

Our children returned to school with bigger grade ! and Utako and I got to work.

We debut our beautiful new rose water boxes and Anthony ran the first of many breath work and meditation workshops.

Thank you for all the support through our first year and heres to a wonderful 2023 full of many wonderful seasonal, sensory, experiences at the rose farm.


Things to look out for over the coming month, Aboriginal medicine workshop, breath work and meditation 3 part workshop, hypnotherapy is also now open at the farm with Anthony.

We look forward to see what we bring this year to share with you 2023.


We also happy to launch new rose water box designed by graphic designer Kiyo from Yokohama in Japan. Also we launched popular item face oil in 30ml this month.