Samaria Rose Farm … January 2022

Samaria Rose Farm … January 2022



January 4th 2022, and we finally arrived at Samaria farm.

After much planning, packing and a few sleepless nights we arrived with 2 removal trucks in tow.

Allan and Vicky the previous owners were sitting by the pool, their grandchildren we’re having fun splashing about in the pool one last time.

After a brief but warm hello, we turned our attention to the unloading of all our worldly possessions.

Our children Sono & Jin on the other hand, much to their delight joined the other children and helped create even more noise and their own mini tsunami.


We had a lot to learn in those first few days as we has about 36 hours to ask Allan & Vicky as many questions as we could about the running of the farm.

Though we had done some farm training late 2021 we were keen to get any insights we could, before Allan and Vicky hit the road in their shiny new caravan.

Water tanks, baby lambs (one of which I co-delivered on my second day with my daughter and of course Daisy the wonder sheep) pruning, ride-on mowers, tractors a temperamental oven, rose farm customers and business stuff, bottling and packaging products…the list went on.


Days later we were beginning to settle in.

Slowly placing our pictures on the walls, arrange couches & beds, painting the kids bedroom, my son Jin much to our surprise enjoyed painting and helped a lot.


As the days drifted by, my daughter would wake early let the chooks out for the day and collect their eggs for breakfast.

Fried eggs, Beechworth sourdough bread, avocado, bacon and cucumber from our veggie patch has become some what of a staple for breakfast.


Utako my wife is busy organising the house, de heading the roses and looking after the veggie patch. 

She’s also on social media promoting the farm (Instagram - meeting all the wonderful and helpful locals online and in person.

She’s also busy getting the children ready for their new school and is making what looks like a delicious jam from the blackberries we harvested from up near the our airbnb cottage.


I on the other hand spend my time mowing the beautiful green grass we’ve been blessed with this year because of the wet summer.

I spend my days learning to use the farm equipment, at times wondering what we’re all doing here, then catching myself a moment later feeling really blessed that me and my family get to call The Rose Farm home.


As each day draws to a close we all wander up to feed the sheep a treat, wondering at how the lambs grow so fast and just appreciating how fortunate we all feel as the sun begins to set over the this beautiful farm.


Whats new in February, 


The airbnb (accomodation own cottage ) is up and running for anyone that wants to visit and enjoy a stay at the farm.

We are also running workshops for distilling, Lime, Cypress, Blue gum and Eucalyptus.

We are hoping to run the still for Damask roses if they keep budding due to this wet weather.


From Anthony, Utako, Sono and Jin at Samaria farm